Digital Cinema

Digital Cinema

We provide movie theaters with comprehensive support in their shift to digital cinema by providing DCP delivery, digital cinema equipment, software for managing digital cinema facilities and other services.

Business details

  • DCP delivery for movie theaters
  • Provision of VPF service for the introduction of digital cinema equipment
  • Sale of TMS software for the management of digital cinema facilities

Features/Business Deployment

DCP delivery for movie theaters

This is an Internet delivery service for digital cinema able to distribute large amounts of data safely and consistently. The service directly delivers movies, trailers, pre-show commercials and other pieces of digital content (e.g. DCP files) to the reception servers placed at movie theaters. Conventionally, content is copied to HDDs (hard disks) and physically delivered to movie theaters. With DCP delivery, the simple preparation of data is all that is required to deliver a movie to the desired theater. This echo-friendly, efficient delivery model significantly reduces conventional delivery costs and the labor of preparing a movie for screening.

VPF service for the introduction of digital cinema equipment

VPF service for the introduction of digital cinema equipment The VPF service is a business model installing digital cinema equipment at movie theaters and charging movie theaters and film distributors for the use of the service. The service enables film distributors to partly shoulder the expenses necessary for the digitalization of movie theaters and can also reduce the equipment investment burden on movie theaters, while at the same time enabling film distributors to reduce reproduction costs by using a standard digital format, instead of film, to screen movies. We offer the VPF service to domestic and international distributors and promoters.

*Introduction of the VPF service to movie theaters ended at the end of March 2014.

TMS (Theater Management System)

TMS (Theater Management System) software for the management of digital movie screening at theaters As the sole Japanese agent for Arts Alliance Media, a company with an established track record around the world, we sell ScreenWriter, a software for the unified management of digital cinema facilities and the screening of movies at theaters. Arts Alliance Media’s software is available in Japanese and compatible with digital cinema projectors and movie-screening servers from multiple manufacturers. ScreenWriter facilitates the management of movie screening schedules, materials and reporting.
Our round-the-clock call center handles inquiries by phone and e-mail. We also perform real-time remote monitoring using a network.