In the Production business, we focus on postproduction activities such as subtitles and dubbing for the Japanese versions of foreign movies and TV shows, closed captions for the hearing-impaired and audio descriptions for the visually impaired, the production of videos (e.g. program advertisements, points-of-purchase advertisements, bonus content for DVDs, corporate publicity), the production of master videotapes for delivery to broadcasting stations, image conversion and editing.

We own full digital studios compatible with all kinds of digital broadcasting, so that we can undertake the entire process from the creation of a video to its editing, recording sound, dubbing and file conversion.

Business details

  • Production of Japanese subtitles and dubbing
  • Production of closed captions for the hearing-impaired and audio descriptions for the visually impaired
  • Production of trailers for video products, program advertisements and advertising videos
  • Postproduction activities

Features/Business Deployment

The Production business of Broadmedia has been reviewed by the Trusted Partner Network (TPN) in accordance with the Content Security Standards of the Motion Picture Association (MPA) and the Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA), and we hold a current assessment. The protection of our clients’ content and information assets is of the utmost importance.

Furthermore, we are a certified Netflix Post Partner Program (NP3) partner for dubbing and audio descriptions in Japanese.


  • Focused on promotional productions and features nonlinear editing rooms and a dubbing studio for small groups.

    Location:1-14-7 Tsukishima, Chuo-ku, Tokyo map

    Tsukishima Station(7 Exit) 5 minutes walk,
    Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line and Toei Oedo Line

  • SD/HD nonlinear editing room 2
    HD/4K nonlinear editing room 1
    2K/4K DCP mastering room 1
    MA room for dubbing 1
    MA room 1


  • Focused on production of Japanese-language versions and features a linear editing room and dubbing studios for large groups.

    Location:4-2-45 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo map

    Roppongi Station(6 and 7 Exit) 5 minutes walk,
    Tokyo Metro HIbiya Line and Toei Oedo Line

  • HD linear editing room 1
    HD/4K nonlinear editing room 2
    MA room for dubbing 2
    Mixing room 1

Popularization of IMF1


As an official member of Britain’s DPP (Digital Production Partnership)2, we support the popularization of IMF, the Interoperable Mastering Format, in Japan. IMF is a file format for delivery and storage adopted by broadcasting stations and rights owners in Europe and the United States.

A format that minimizes stress in the distribution or transmission of a file and also enables the storing of multiple versions in a minimum volume while retaining high quality. IMF is also used in Japan for converting 2K content to 4K/8K and for storing multi-language works and manage additional data for content (e.g. audio descriptions, closed captions for the hearing-impaired) among other uses. IMF is also useful for reducing storage costs.
Digital Production Partnership Ltd (DPP) is a nonprofit organization established by Britain’s BBC, ITV and Channel4 and its international membership spans the entire media supply chain, including production companies, digital agencies, manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, postproduction, consultants, broadcasting stations, content distributors and broadcasting-related organizations.

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