Studio & Content


Broadmedia Group is organized into four segments: Studio & Content, Broadcast, Technology, and Education.

In the Studio & Content segment, we make “all-rights” purchases for Japan of movies, TV dramas, animated programs, and other video products around the world, distribute them domestically to movie theaters, sell related DVDs and Blu-ray discs and license broadcasting rights to TV stations. We also produce video and audio for related subtitles, dubbing, trailers and program advertisements.

We operate Crank In! Video and Crank In! Comic: the former is a service for distributing new movies, dramas, animations and other videos, while the latter is a digital comic service enabling users to enjoy original comics based on which much-discussed videos were created. Points can be used/earned both at Crank In! Video and Crank In! Comic. In addition, we provide services that enable users to enjoy entertainment content anywhere, anytime, with ease, such as Crank In!, an informative website about movies and other entertainment, and the Crank In! Trend site for women featuring information about the latest trends and lifestyles.