Delivery and CDN

Delivery and CDN

As an official Japanese reseller for Akamai, one of the world’s largest CDN service providers, we provide multiple CDN services for the high-speed delivery of webpages, video and large-volume files.

Business details

  • Provision of CDN for the stable delivery of websites at high speeds
  • Delivery of large files for download
  • Provision of tools for image optimization
  • Provision of load-balancing storage
  • Provision of tools for visualizing user performance
  • Implementation of load tests in scenarios close to real environments
  • Provision of tools for delivery of video online

Features/Business Deployment

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a mechanism for the stable delivery of webpages, video and other large files at high speeds. Caching digital site content on the globally decentralized CDN servers and selecting the CDN server accessible at the highest speed for end users make it possible to speed up websites and balance loads. The globally decentralized CDN servers act as a shield for customers’ web servers and absorb DDoS attacks, ensuring consistent operation of websites.

Akamai Ion

This is a leading CDN solution to enhance the performance of web, iOS and Android apps and can more aggressively speed up websites and e-commerce sites of all kinds, including dynamic content, from any place, both domestically and internationally. The automatic optimization of performance in accordance with site visitors stabilizes access to websites.

Akamai Download Delivery

This is a reliable and high-performance solution for content delivery, optimized for distributing files 100 MB or larger. The super-decentralized edge platform and the optimized cache technology ensure high-quality downloads of files and software with excellent extensibility and availability.

Akamai Image Manager

Dynamically converting and optimizing web images and photos can create and deliver images that are optimal for users, transcending the barriers of the broad array of devices and browsers, including mobile and desktop platforms. The new image compression function also reduces the volume of images and enhance the performance of websites. To the administrator’s benefit, Akamai Image Manager facilitates website operations by simplifying the process of preparing images.

Akamai NetStorage

This robust cloud storage is decentralized to maximize distribution performance. Able to scale globally on demand and permanently store an enormous volume of digital content, such as images, media files, software and documents.

Akamai mPulse

Akamai mPulse collects actual user information to generate indexes on performance and engagement in real time, which are important for websites. Akamai mPulse also counts and visualizes these indexes. It can obtain correct data more precisely than other measurement tools using artificial traffic. Findings from the analyses of the data are provided in terms of, for example, the influence of performance on profits, remedial actions that should be taken and feedback for the developer.

Akamai CloudTest

The entire process from test preparations to implementation and results analysis can be performed on a single platform within a short period of time without having to prepare infrastructure for load testing. Executing it in a form close to the real environment can quickly identify bottlenecks and causes of performance deterioration.

Catenoid Kollus OVP

The all-in-one OVP (Open Video Platform) provides all the functions necessary for video distribution. All you have to do is to prepare a video file. You do not need to prepare a video server or player. OVP allows you to easily delivery videos online without specialized knowledge. The five-level, strong security protects important content from misuse.