Message from the President

Hashimoto graduated in 1982 from the Faculty of Economics at Keio University. After a stint at Nomura Securities, he became a corporate investment chief at Softbank’s Financial Accounting Department in 1996. In 1997, he became a director of JSkyB, and executive managing director (CFO) of Japan Digital Broadcast Services (now JSAT K.K.) in 1998. From March of 2000 to present, he has served as President of Broadmedia.

Broadmedia, the name of our company, collectively refers to our business operations. It is an abbreviation of broadband media, and is intended to express the meaning of broader media, the expansion of the conventional media framework.

Broadmedia operates in three domains. One is content in a broad sense, including video-on-demand, broadcasting, studio and education, among other forms of content. The second domain is technology in a broad sense, which involves distribution, security measures and other technologies. In addition to these two core domains, the facilitation of their spread also comprises a part of Broadmedia. In our two core domains, we have multiple and wide-ranging operations, most of which had been undertaken through our subsidiaries.

Recently we have significantly revised this custom. From April 2020, our six wholly-owned subsidiaries have merged into Broadmedia, consolidating them into a single company.
This reorganization is defined as Stage 6 of our mid- and long-term strategy and, in pursuit of continued growth, will strengthen cooperation among our businesses by eliminating the borders that had divided them into different companies. Conventionally, our subsidiaries have separately handled governance and compliance, which will be centralized in both name and reality as we pursue One Broadmedia.

One of the businesses we developed as a part of our Content segment is the operation of corporation-run online high schools (education business). Although the education business is not typically included in the idea of a content business, based on our unique perspective, we define it as such. Time passes so quickly, with 15 years having elapsed since the establishment of Renaissance High School. Recently, the broadened understanding of sustainable development goals (SDGs) has lead more people to deepen their own understanding of corporation-run online high schools, which have the capability to sustain growth, even without subsidization. Our unique educational services are expanding across diverse fields, including the Japanese language, eSports and programming.

The cloud gaming business encompasses both of Broadmedia’s two core segments, Content and Technology. We have commercialized G-cluster technology, for which we acquired many international patents, as our cloud gaming business. For a long time, we have struggled to overcome the chasm that lies before the stage of consistent growth. Recently, cloud gaming has stepped into the spotlight again, and, at the same time, we see great potential in the combination of 5G networks and edge computing. Our partnerships with major game companies and telecos will be deepened and enlarged, beyond their present incarnations. From Japan and France where we have already expanded our business, we are providing our cloud gaming technology for 5G. Beyond that, the infrastructures for local 5G and eSports are ready to be rolled out, and so we will work to ensure that our cloud gaming business quickly reaches a stage of consistent growth.

After consolidation, our segments have changed. The Content segment of content has progressively dissolved. In its place, Education has been established as an independent segment and our cloud gaming business has been incorporated into the Technology segment with the establishment of the Cloud Solution Department.

Moreover, our rapidly growing digital media business has been merged into the preexisting Studio segment, which has been reorganized as a new segment, Studio & Content.

Fishing Vision, our subsidiary, remains independent and a part of the Broadcast segment.

Technology is our core domain along with content. Our independent Technology segment has grown along with distribution technology services such as CDN and digital cinema. Also, it has assumed the mission of supporting the content domain. Against this backdrop, the recent consolidation incorporates the abovementioned cloud gaming business and the Network Sales segment into the Technology segment, which will continue to play its role of supporting the growth of both core domains, technology and content.

The consolidation will streamline our operations and stimulate cooperation among our independent businesses. In this way, we pursue continued growth. More than anything, we will continue to ensure stalwart governance for One Broadmedia through the consolidation of our administrative divisions.

April 1, 2020