Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming

We are deploying our cloud gaming business to B2C and B2B using our patented technology “G-cluster” that minimizes latency when streaming.

For our B2C business, we plan and operate the cloud game service "G-cluster". With G-cluster technology, game data can be streamed to various devices, providing a high-quality and stable service regardless of the specifications of the device.

For our B2B business, we provide the cloud gaming technology and content to Telcos and IPTV operators, and the technology to game companies.

Business details

  • Planning and operation of "G-cluster" service
  • Provide cloud game platform and games to Telcos, IPTV operators and others
  • Provide cloud game platform and games to game companies.

Features/Business Deployment

"G-cluster" is a cloud gaming platform technology that performs all processing on the server side. It is possible to stream to a variety of different devices such as TVs, smartphones and tablets. As all of the game processing is performed on the server side, and the user's “operation information” and the resulting “sound and video” are delivered to the device in a two-way streaming manner via an Internet connection, only decoding processing for displaying video is performed on the device side, resulting in stable operation with high quality regardless of device type and spec. and without the need to install special programs.

Cloud Game Service “G-cluster”

“G-cluster,” our service platform utilizing technology of the same name, is an epochal cloud gaming service. We distribute various games from casual games to AAA titles to various devices such as TVs, smartphones and tablets.

No need for discs or additional media

No downloading or installation.
All games in the cloud are available at any time.

Game Save data stored in the cloud

Since all Game Save data will be stored in the cloud, users will be able to continue playing their game anywhere they have the required environment.

Deployment of G-cluster service

“G-cluster” service is available via the G-cluster console or G-cluster integrated TVs. In addition to our “G-cluster” service, we provide games that can be played on smartphones and tablets by using a free dedicated app.

Cloud gaming distribution technology G-cluster

In the B2B business, we provide cloud game platform technology and game content to Telcos and IPTV providers, and provide cloud game platform technology to game companies and others.

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