Digital Media

Digital Media

In the Digital Media Business, we operate "Crank In!," an entertainment information site focusing on movies and dramas, and the information site "Crank In! Trend," focusing on the latest trends and lifestyle information for women. In addition, we provide "Crank In! Video," which allows you to enjoy video content such as new foreign films, new Japanese films, popular animations and dramas, and the digital comic service "Crank In! Comic."

Business details

  • Planning and operation of “Crank In!,” an entertainment news website
  • Planning and operation of "Crank In! Trend," a trend and lifestyle information site for women
  • Planning and operation of the VOD service “Crank In! Video”
  • Provision of the digital comic service "Crank In! Comic"

Features/Business Deployment


Entertainment News Website “Crank In!”

Centered around films, “Crank In!” is an entertainment website providing news about TV dramas, games, anime, comics overseas celebrities and other topics.

In addition to delivering the latest news every day, Crank In! also features interviews with high-profile actors and stories covering feature films.

Crank In provides “Crank in! For Sugotoku” for the service “Sugotoku Content” for members of NTT DOCOMO, as well as distributing articles to portal sites and media aggregation sites such as Yahoo! News, MSN News, LINE NEWS, and SmartNews.

Trend & Lifestyle Information Site for Women "Crank-in! Trend"

As a trend information site for active women who want to enjoy every day, Crank-in! Trend provides information about notable events, gourmet and sweets, lifestyle information and many other trend topics for readers who want to make the most out of every day.

Video on Demand Service “Crank In! Video”

Crank In! Video is a VOD service focusing on new movies, dramas, and popular anime. In addition to the 900 yen monthly Plan that gives the customer 2,000 yen worth of points, there are standard rental plans.

Watch whenever you want on your smartphone, tablet, PC or TV (AndoroidTV), with the latest titles available as soon as 3 months after their theatrical release.

Digital Comic Service "Crank-in! Comic"

A service for comic-book enthusiasts, by comic-book enthusiasts. Enjoy more than 200,000 e-comics on your smartphone or tablet, from the latest issue to those adapted to film or animation. Use common points linked with the VOD service "Crank-in! Video." E-comics can also be purchased individually.

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