Corporate Information

Broadmedia, short for ‘broadband media,’ refers to expanding the scope of existing media into ‘broader media.’ We hope to see a day, sometime in the future, when our corporate name Broadmedia is universally accepted to mean ‘broadband media’ or ‘broader media.’

Broadmedia is still quite a young company. Yet, we have continuously pursued the content distribution business since our founding. Today, we have grown to provide not only distribution services, but also broadband delivery of movies, TV shows, and animation, as well as subtitle/voice-over production, film distribution, satellite broadcasting, educational services and others. Further, with our efforts in developing technology to deliver our content to consumers in the most optimal way, with CDN and G-cluster we have come to have a unique business network that provides both content and distribution technology services.

We aim to become a “content operator with superior distribution technology and customer acquisition power.” By doing this, we seek to become a firm that aids in promoting the dissemination of high-quality content and the formation of a flourishing community.