Our group company Broadmedia Studios Corporation (BMS) sells broadcasting rights for foreign films and TV programs, produces Japanese-language versions of foreign films and dramas (subtitling, dubbing), acquires DVD video rights, markets and sells DVDs, distributes content to theatres, and promotes motion pictures.

The Content Production business of Broadmedia Studios has been reviewed by the Trusted Partner Network (TPN) in accordance with the Content Security Standards of the Motion Picture Association (MPA) and the Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA), and we hold a current assessment.
The protection of our clients’ content and information assets is of the utmost importance.

Broadmedia Studios is certified as a partner in the Netflix Post Partner Program (NP3) for Dubbing and Audio Description.

Business details

  • Acquisition and sales of TV rights for foreign films and TV series
  • Production of Japanese language versions of foreign language content (subtitling and dubbing)
  • Creation of trailers and other promotional and advertising material for video content
  • Acquisition of DVD video rights and marketing and sale of DVDs
  • Theatrical distribution; motion picture promotion


Features/Business Deployment

Film distribution

BMS acquire “all-rights” for Japan, including theatrical and DVD/Blu-ray distribution, for domestically and internationally produced motion pictures.

Sale of TV rights

BMS acquires the TV rights for content from all over the world Starting with major studios such as Fox, Miramax, Paramount, Blade Runner Partnership, BMS acquires the TV rights to content covering a wide variety of genres, and distributes such content to more than 200 television stations and online content distributors.

Using know-how gained from experience with video content, BMS also has a materials storage business for content holders.

Visual content production business

Visual content production business

BMS produces Japanese-language versions of foreign motion pictures and TV series (subtitling and dubbing), creates visual content (Advertisements, DVD bonus features, corporate promotional videos), creates closed captioning for the hearing-impaired (Japanese/English), VTR masters for broadcasters, and performs post production work. Within the company is a studio for dubbing, mixing and re-recording, making it possible to perform work from voice recording to video editing.

Screening theater business

BMS manages a private viewing theater for movie previews attended by film industry people, general screenings, PR events, TV drama location shootings, and many other uses.

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