Area of operation


Broadmedia Group is organized into five segments: Content, Broadcasting, Studio, Technology, and Network Sales. Within the Content, Broadcasting and Studio segments, we offer a cloud game service utilizing our proprietary delivery platform, operate an online high-school, produce high quality content, provide programming for terrestrial, BS, CS and other broadcast television, distribute motion pictures and other content to theaters, distribute to digital devices (such as digital TVs, PCs, smartphones and other mobile devices), and manufacture and sell DVDs and Blu-ray disks.

Development of advanced content delivery technology, and provision of our technology to our business partners are part of the Technology Segment.

For the Network Sales segment, we engage in sales of broadband connections, ISP service and mobile and other devices.

Business Overview

Being a “Content company with a technology platform,” our strength lies in the originality resulting from the combination of “our content procurement abilities” and having “the technology necessary for stable and high quality delivery.”

Area of operation