Fishing Vision Co., Ltd., a group company, produces, broadcasts and distributes programs as the only basic satellite broadcaster in Japan to have a channel dedicated to fishing: “Fishing Vision” and “BS Fishing Vision.”

Business details

  • Production, broadcasting and distribution of “BS Fishing Vision”
  • Production of programs for third parties

Features/Business Deployment

Feature business deployment

Beginning from 1998, Fishing Vision has been broadcasting outdoor programs centering on fishing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The programs are mostly original and feature rocky shore, offshore, bass, fly, salt water lure and other kinds of fishing. Also topics like seasonal fishing, such as for Ayu and Japanese whiting, travel documentaries, hera-buna, stream, surf casting and other kinds of fishing that are rarely featured on public terrestrial television are actively covered. In addition to programs shot on location, programs about topics such as fishing news and live talk shows are filmed in Fishing Vision’s studios, and show the beauty of the ocean, rivers and lakes, attracting not only fishing fans but also outdoor fans all over Japan.

How to view

Fishing Vision is available on SKY PerfecTV!, Sky PerfectTV! Premium Service, Cable Television, SKY PerfecTV! Premium Service Hikari, and Hikari-TV.

BS broadcast (SKY PerfecTV!)
BS broadcast (SKY PerfecTV!)

No tuner needed! All that is required is a BS antenna.BS Fishing Vision: BS251ch Signing up to SKY PerfecTV! (formerly SKY PerfecTV e2) is required to view.

What is BS broadcast (SKY PerfecTV!)?
BS broadcasting offers high definition/high sound quality broadcasting, data broadcasting, interactive programming, EPG and other features that are only possible with digital broadcasting.
SKY PerfecTV! Premium service
SKY PerfecTV! Premium service

Enjoy many channels in high definition!
Fishing Vision HD: 540ch
In order to view Fishing Vision HD,a subscription to SKY PerfecTV! Premium Service is required.

What is SKY PerfecTV! Premium Service?
Around 80 channels in HD, and 280 channels in standard definition are available on SKY PerfecTV! Premium Service.

No need for an antenna! A specially priced service that bundles digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting, multiple channels and Internet service!

Fishing Vision HD: 702ch

What is J:COM?
J:COM is Japan’s largest cable television carrier and program supply management operating company.
It provides multichannel video programming mainly in Sapporo, Sendai, Kanto, Kansai, and Kyushu areas for a subscription fee.
Also, J:COM provides high speed internet, fixed line phones, and mobile phone (au) services. Bundled packages are available for additional savings.
Cable television
Cable television

Great services without an antenna!

What is cable television?
Because cable television uses a dedicated line, there is no need for an antenna. Customers can enjoy continuously sharp video that is independent of the weather conditions. The image quality, subscription price, bundled packages (TV with Internet, Telephone, etc.) and other services differ depending on the cable service provider.
Broadband Television
Broadband Television

Connect the television to a broadband line and enjoy many channels.

What is broadband television?
No need for an antenna or installation. Just connect a broadband line to the digital television and various channels will be available. Fishing Vision can be viewed on SKY PerfecTV! Premium Service Hikari, Hikari-TV and BBTV NEXT.
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