Our Mission / Logo Concept

Our Mission

Our Mission

Logo Concept

Logo Concept

Our corporate logo uses three colours, and its shape represents dynamic movements.

Corporate logo , has been represented by a movement with three colors and uplifting feeling.

The logo combines three colors and an energetic sense of movement to create.

The black background of the logo is reminiscent of a movie or television screen. The three colored lines that form the letters “B” and “M”—taken from the corporate name, “Broadmedia”—represent the power of technology, content, and marketing.

Each of the three colors that form the “B” and “M” in the logo have a particular significance.

Bright green is the color of new leaves and is a symbol of life. It represents loyalty, sincerity, and fairness. Orange is the color of the sun (the source of all life) and is a symbol of affinity. It represents knowledge, tolerance, and justice. Red is the color of rushing blood and is a symbol of dynamism. It represents the power and courage necessary to face and overcome challenges.

Operating under a doctrine of good faith, we strive to be a company that faces challenges with knowledge and tolerance, and courageously paves the way for future possibilities.