Message from the President

Hashimoto graduated in 1982 from the Faculty of Economics at Keio University. After a stint at Nomura Securities, he became a corporate investment chief at Softbank’s Financial Accounting Department in 1996. In 1997, he became a director of JSkyB, and executive managing director (CFO) of Japan Digital Broadcast Services (now JSAT K.K.) in 1998. From March of 2000 to present, he has served as President of Broadmedia.

‘Broadmedia’ refers to both the firm’s corporate name and its business.
By “providing content from a unique perspective in the broadband era,” we wish to contribute to the development of a more flourishing community. In the provision of content from a global perspective, we find that it is crucial to engage in total, broad-based promotion of the spread of distribution technology and the use of its networks and services, not only the content itself. “Broadmedia does it all – broadening the core of media:” this message is embedded into our very name.

Our company’s business falls under the three areas of content, distribution technology services, and promoting dissemination of related technologies and products. For example, though it may seem unrelated, we consider the educational operations of an accredited correspondence high school as a fine content service and as one that fits in with Broadmedia’s business.

We have cultivated the cloud gaming sector based on the same thinking. Our firm has already spent more than ten years on it, since our first encounter with G-cluster technology. Though there is a long way to go, the shift we are finally seeing toward smartphones and tablets has brought us into an era where enjoying cloud gaming over Wi-Fi is a matter of course. Looking forward, as new creations and functionalities come into their own, I believe that you will be able to see for yourself the unique fun of cloud gaming. Further, the advent of multi-device functionality, where you may play games across several different devices (TV/smartphone/tablet/etc.), will allow you to enjoy cloud gaming anytime, anywhere. This phenomenon is a crucial issue, not only to cloud gaming, but to all of our corporate group’s numerous services. We must continue to work aggressively in our VOD, educational and broadcast businesses.

Expanding our cloud gaming business, which has the greatest growth potential of all of our corporate group’s numerous business lines, is an urgent issue directly relating to growing our corporate value. We will continue to focus our management resources on this business in an attempt to quickly establish a business foundation in this area.

1 Aug 2015