Group Company Overview

Group Companies

Fishing Vision Co.,Ltd.

Produces the program dedicated to fishing, “Fishing Vision,” and distributes programs for BS broadcasting, SKY PerfecTV! Premium Service, cable TV and others.

Established March 1998
Location Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Broadmedia Studios Corporation

Sales of TV broadcast rights of foreign films and dramas, production of Japanese-language versions of foreign films and dramas (subtitles, dubbing), and theatrical distribution and promotion of foreign films, sales and promotion of DVD videos, etc.

Established August 2000
Location Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Renaissance Academy Corporation

Operates “Renaissance High School,” “Renaissance Toyota High School,” and “Renaissance Osaka High School,” a new type of online high school system where students can learn via smartphones, tablets, etc. On-campus courses are also available. Also operates the “Science Certification Test” that encourages people to experience the joy of science.

Established October 2005
Location Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Broadmedia Technologies Co., Ltd.
Broadmedia Technologies Co., Ltd. (formerly CDN Solutions K.K.)

Pioneer of CDN services. Primary agent of Akamai services. CDN Solutions offers acceleration, security, global delivery and other commercial website solutions tailored to customers’ environments.

Established April 2001
Location Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Distributes video, mainly new foreign and Japanese films and dramas, for TVs, personal computers, smartphones, and tablets. Also, distributes entertainment news, provides promotional services, and undertakes production of official websites with focus on movies and dramas.

Established April 2003
Location Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Digital Cinema Club, Inc.
Digital Cinema Club, Inc.

Offers VPF services for film distributors and theaters promoting installation of digital equipment in movie theaters.

Established April 2010
Location Minato-ku, Tokyo
Broadmedia GC Corporation
Broadmedia GC Corporation

Proposes technological systems, content and business models suitable for cloud gaming.

Established September 2004
Location Minato-ku, Tokyo